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Ferrocement Staircase

1. Ferrocement Staircase:

Conventional dog legged or spiral staircase with waist slab and steps, is a very time consuming and wasteful construction. Most of the self weight of the staircase is dead weight contributing nothing to the structural strength. A novel ferrocement straicase has been done with precast ferrocement steps and a ferrocement stringer beam. The steps can also be given an integral finish eliminating the need for separate trades. The system is light weight, structurally very rigid. Tests were conducted on a typical staircase step to check its load carrying capacity. Refer Photo 10 and 11. Photo 15 shows the reinforcing mesh for a cast –in –situ ferrocement staircase.


2. Composite – Steel Ferrocement staircase:

Precast ferrocement trades with desired finish are cast and cured. The reinforcing is done with the help of 20 mm dia hollow steel pipes at the longer sides of the step with armature and mesh reinforcement within the step. The reinforcement is taken around the pipes at either ends.

A fabricated latice girder is done in 25 mm square tubes. The layout of the lattice girder is done to suit the trade width and the angle of the staircase flight. Two such girders are held on either sidesa dn the precast ferrocement trade is pushed in. Expanding anchor bolts are used to connect the hollow pipe ends and lattice girders. Vertical hand rail posts cover the anchor bolt so thet these connecting bolts are not visible. The staircase is very elegant looking, lightweight, quick to erect. Each step is tested for load up to 450 kg and even at that load the deflection is about 1/100 of the span.

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