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Our Clientele
MIDC, Maharashtra
Indian Oil Corporation
Gujarat Electricity Board
Irrigation Department - Himachal Pradesh
Irrigation Department - Shimla
RCF - Mumbai
State Bank of India
I.I.T. Mumbai
All India Radio - Pune
Indian Institute of Packaging - Mumbai
Larafge India
and many more.....


Ferrocement Projects
Construction of Conical Domes Pyramid shaped Auditorium
Construction of 24 domes atop Ramkrishna Math, Pune Reconstruction of collapsed RCC Dome with Ferrocement
Sloping Roofs for residential premises Construction of Semispherical Domes
Staircase Spherical Watertank
Construction of Domes in Ferrocement, ISKCON Construction of Folded Plate Roof in Ferrocement
Fibrewrapping Projects
(Structural Strengthening & Retrofitting)
RCC columns beams in fertilizer manufacturing plant RCC columns in basement
RCC columns,beams, slab in residential building Elevated Service Reservoir
RCC columns and slab RCC columns beams slab of 16 Storied residential building
Repairs & Rehabilitation Projects
Power plant Boiler Stack 85 meters high
(Chimney Structure)
Bolier area near Sulpher melting shed in Sulphuric acid Plant
Sewage Water Pump House Floor of Hanger of Airport
Sulphur Melting Shed in Sulphuric Acid Plant Elevated Service Reservoir
Rock Storage RCC Silos Elevated Service Reservoir
Stands of Stadium in Precast Concrete Roof of Cooler area in cement plant
Elevated Service Reservoir  
Bridge Related Work
Earthquake Related Works
Consultancy Assignments
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