Virtual Consultancy
Avoid Site visits, Consultation to remote sites with videography and photography.
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In conventional system a lot of time is wasted in sending a team to study the problem. The team visits the site and tries to get more details after visual inspection. At the time of visual inspection, access to damaged location is limited.

If client is able to do photography of the damaged work with various images and/or videos then the inspection visit can be spared. This expedites work because need for physical traveling will be eliminated and the client saves on the logistics of reservations, connecting flights, trains.

Virtual consultancy is normally done with clients who have sites that are at remote locations but connected well by communication network. Basic facilities like a digital camera, handycam and a broadband powered PC should suffice the job.

Using the form on the link below, you can send the details of the problem with your structure, with relevant photographs.

We will get back to you with the right solutions.

Virtual Consultancy should be opted primarily when the extent of damage is less, and localized to s few structural elements only. In case of extensive damage, spread over a large no. of structures, onsite consultancy is recommended.


01. Visual inspection of the damage and study of original designs.
02. Assessment of damage with NDT, if necessary.
03. Ascertaining the reason for damage.
04. Designing repair methodology.
05. Quantification of damage with the help of visual inspection and drawing.
06. Assessment of cost of repair.
07. Preparation of tender.
08. Evaluating tenders, recommending suitable agencies.
09. Periodical supervision during repairs.
10. Post repair Non-destructive testing.

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